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fucking ugly bitch, i wanna stab you to death and play around with your blood.

- patrick bateman

kitty kat
8 October
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Kat Bardot

1920s-1960s, 80's, american psycho, anatomy, antiques, anything with cheese, aqua teen hunger force, art, avant guard, baking, beetlejuice, black, blood, bmx bikes, bones, bordello, bret easton ellis, broadway, burlesque, burts bees, cabaret, cable guy, cake, califonia, candy, chanel, chicago musical, christian bale, christopher guest, circus, cky, classic cars, clothes, corsets, cosmotology, costumes, crafting, crafts, cry-baby, cupcakes, dali, dancing, david lynch, death, diamonds, diy, dogs, donnie darko, dr.sketchy, drinking, elliot smith, eternal sunshine, fake nails, false eyelashes, feather fans, feathers, fetish, fiona apple, fishnets, flea markets, foo fighters, food, gloves, gwen stefani, h.i.m, hair, hair dye, halloween, harajuku, harleys, hat making, hats, hollywood, human waste project, inland empire, interior design, japaneses street fashion, jazz, john waters, journals, kill bill, lace, latex, less than zero, lip gloss, lord of the rings, los angeles, lost, mac, makeup, mall rats, mark ryden, meat wad, medical supplies, metal, modeling, motorcycles, movies, mulholland drive, music, my freinds, noir, nudes, office space, painting, pflotography.com, photography, pin up girls, pinups, pokadots, puppies, red, rhinestones, rilo kiley, rubber, rules of attraction, sex and the city, shoes, sideshows, singing, skeletons, smoke rides, spellbound, spelling bees, stenciling, sushi, taking the jesus pill, tattoos, the faint, the good girl, the pixies, the science of sleep, the secretary, the start, the state, thigh highs, thrift stores, tights, traci lords, vampires, vespas, ville valo, vintage, vintage vamps, wedding crashers, wet hot american summer, wine, zombies, zoolander