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fucking ugly bitch, i wanna stab you to death and play around with your blood.
- patrick bateman
So it is offical. When Molly Crabapple comes into town I will be putting on a show in her honor and for promotion of her new book Dr.Sketchy's rainy day coloring book.

I booked the M Bar for Thursday March 29th at 10pm. Tickets will be $10.

So far I have half of the dancers booked and the MC is in the works.

I am VERY excited!
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Come to this show!

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This is the drawing I made for the costume I need to start working on for Vixen Violette and I. I started the drawing as it just being a sketch and really liked the way it was coming a long so I made it pretty. I wonder if I made prints of it people would buy some. Hmm?

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So Halloween is my favorite day of the whole year but I don't think I have it in me to go out.

1.) Bondage Ball at the Henry Fonda
2.) Coffin Case at the Key Club
3.) The WeHo parade
4.) Going to see SAW III w/ who ever wants to tag along then going home to work on costume stuff.

Went to Syren today to get some latex shine. The were having a 50% off sale so I picked up another pair of black latex boyshorts. When I get paid I am totally going back and buying the black latex corset that I have been wanting for quite some time now. I also picked up a brown feathered mask which exactly matches a costume I am currently working on.

I haven't even choreographed my cupcake act yet which is to premier in 10 days! And it is not liek I have time this weekend. My apartment is a disaster and is screaming to be cleaned, Friday night is Nina La Fiammas B-day. I am pretty sure we are going to Lava Lounge for the Bobbie Burlesque show. Sat. I have a photoshoot which I think I need to postpone because later that day I have to walk in a fashion show for XICA Clothing. Sunday I NEED to see Tommy Gunns Freakshow Deluxe at Safari Sams because I have missed him oh so much since he has been away.

Ok, back to work now.
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This weekend I had the pleasure of working with dmdm619  Larry AKA Darkman. It took me 3.5 hours in the traffic to get down to his place in El Cajon, a suberb of San Diego. I must admit, at first I was hesitant to travel so far to work with a stranger, al by myself, but as soon as I got there I felt very comfortable and knew it was going to be a good day.

Not only was Larry very professional, he was actually concerned if I felt comfortable with the shoot. Not many photographers care about how a model feels artisitcally or otherwise, most photographers are only conserned with whether they get what they want out of a shoot. He asked me my ideas and I asked him his. I think we both go what we wanted out of our 6 hours of shooting, at least I know I did. I am very pleased with the way the photos came out. It was nice to know he took so much pride in his knowledge of lighting. Often lighting is over looked, but in his case it was the most important element of the shoot, which I found to be very refreshing. I would definatley work with him again and reccommned him to anyone who wants really glamourous pictures.

Here are LOTS of pictures from the shoot.

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The 4th Jesus Pill show was absolutely amazing. We sold out before the doors even opened. 210 people! And if you have ever been to the King King then you know it is not a big place. The room was fucking packed! And the crowd was the most responsive crowd we have had yet. Not only were they laughing a lot, but they were shouting things back at the characters which was amazing.

Before every show I grow more and more in awe of The Reverend Tommy Gun. He is seriously one of my favorite performers. He can get the crowd going like no one else that I know. I have seen him hammer a 6 inch steel nail up his nose numerous times and am still 100% intrigued by this act.

Last night was the 1st time all of us atmosphere performers got to do curtain call and it fucking rocked. It felt awesome to have the whole crowd roaring for us. After curtain call alot of middle to older aged women kept coming up to us and telling us how precious we are, how good we look and to keep up the good work because when we hit their age we won't be able to run around half dressed anymore. Ha.

victoria_lane is one of my all time favorite people in L.A. I wish she had a car so we could see eachother more often. (Vic, you know you need a car. Ha.) She is one of the smartest women I have ever met and also one of the hardest workers I know. All of the amazing opportunities that are coming to her right now well deserved.

Our cast party is this Sunday. I am hoping it will give me a chance to get to know some of the cast members better. I think everyone is just so fabulous. Well not everyone, but a fair share of the people I do not know too well yet.

There is speculation that Rolling Stone will be covering our show next week, but I am not going to get my hopes up too high. But that would be killer.

Our free Amoeba Music in-store is this Tuesday, so If you live in or around L.A come check it out. It starts at 7pm. It should be an excellent time.

Ok, that's all for now. I am sure everyone is getting sick of hearing me talk about Jesus Pill, but right now it is my life, and I love it.
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Finally remembered to bring my camera to the show the other night. So here are a few pictures of us from our 2nd show, which was COMPLETELY sold out. A mass amount of people were turned away at the door.

The crowd was amazing this week. 50 more people than last show now that LA Times have called us the "Bset show in Hollywood". Polly said that girls kept coming up to her after the show, asking if they could be in it and even told her they had resumes w/ dance experience in the car. Ain't nobody gonna take my job. Don't be jealous.
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So I am at work with STACKS of papers on my desk, I am frantic, I have basically no make up on and I actually let my hair airdry for once so it looks a little wild. A customer whom I have never seen before said to me on his way out  "I don't mean to be rude, but you are gorgeous". I said thanks and then he was out the door. He had no motive behind his compliment and it was refreshing that a guy can just say something nice to a girl he has never met and then be on his way.

It makes me feel nice to think a person can find me "gorgeous" with no makeup on and bed head hair.
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I am fucking ecstatic! I feel to lucky and proud at the same time.

Not only is my name in our program for the show not one, but two times! Once for being an atmosphere performer and once for being a Production Assitant. But me and my ladies were called tarts and freaks in the L.A. times!

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Last night I had trouble falling asleep. I felt like a little kid on the 1st day of a new school year. Jesus Pill opens tonight and I am excited with anticipation. Due to the fact that I did not sleep well last night, and had to get up early to go put money into my bank so my accound did not go into the negative numbers, I am very tired now which worries me. For tonight will be a very late night for me. I have no time for a cat nap.

My day consists of work 9am-12pm. Go home for my lunch hour to pin curl my hair ( I am sure I will look redic. for the second half of my work day with bobby pins all over my head). Return to work 1pm-5pm. Usually until 6pm but I asked to get out an hour early so I could start getting ready. I was brought to my attention last night that everyone is not meeting at 4pm not 7pm as previously planned. So at 5pm begins the rush to tidy up my curls and get into full make up.

I am very curious as to who, from our celeb guest list, will be coming to the show tonight. So far I know that Johnny Knoxville, Courtney Love, Marilyn Manson and Dita Von Tesse (or as Vic likes to say "Brian and Heather" lol.) are all on the list but I don't know what nights they are coming.

Today at work is going to drag by so slow. I can already tell. Is it five o' clock yet?
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